2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

JICABLE'15 - Honorary Committee


AWAD Ray , Chairman of Jicable'11 ISTC - Canada

BARBER Ken, Chairman of Jicable'07 ISTC - Australia

BLECHSCHMIDT Horst , Chairman of Jicable'95 ISTC - Germany

BOVIS † Claude , Chairman of Jicable'84 Steering Committee - France

FAUDEL Robert-Pierre, Chairman of Jicable'87 & Jicable'91 Steering Committee - France

IWATA Zensuke, Chairman of Jicable'03 ISTC - Nuclear Fuel Industries Ltd - Japan

NATALINI Roland, Chairman of Jicable'99 Steering Committee - France

ROSEVEAR Robert, Chairman of Jicable'99 ISTC - Southampton Dielectrics Consultants Ltd - United-Kingdom

SAMM Ralph, Chairman of Jicable'91 ISTC - USA

SEDES Pierre-Henri, Chairman of Jicable'95 Steering Committee - France

TELLIER Roger, Chairman of Jicable'84 & Jicable'87 ISTC - France

THOMAS Bruno, Chairman of Jicable'03 Steering Committee - France

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