2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


The Jicable's Prize is granted to the best communication of the conference by a jury of experts who are generally members of the Scientific and Technical Committee.


The Jicable's Prize was implemented on 1987


Mondin S., Aréfi F., Amouroux J., Letellier P., Goldman M., Fedoroff M., Rouchaud J.C., Leguennec P. (France)

pdf   Membrane potentiel technique applied to the study of cable insulation modification (1991-A10-5)


Peschke E., Schroth R., Olshausen R. (Germany)

pdf   Extension of XLPE cables to 500 kV based on progress in technology (1995-A1-2)


Mermet G., Sporrel U., Protat F., Argaut P., Lesur E. (France)

pdf   Thermal design of controlled backfills (1999-A7-3)


Kobayashi S., Muto D., Tanaka S., Lizuka H., Niinobe H., Suetsugu M. (Japan)

pdf   Development of factory-expanded cold-shrinkable joint for EHV XLPE cables (2003-A5-1)


Royer Ch. & Awad R. (Canada)

pdf   Evaluation of the condition and the performance of underground fluid filled HV links at Hydro-Québec (2007-B4-2)


Hennuy Blandine, de Clerk Quentin, Laborelec, (Belgium), François Alain, Tenret Daniel, Ores, (Belgium), Leemans Pieter, Marginet Joachim, Eandis, (Belgium)

pdf   3 kHz accelerated growth of water trees in medium voltage extruded cables (2011-C3-3)


Nigel Hampton (USA), Jean Carlos Hernandez-Mejia (Venezuela), Marina Kuntsevich, Joshua Perkel, Vivek Tomer (USA)

pdf   Estimating the Impact of VLF Frequency on Effectiveness of VLF Withstand Diagnostics (2015-C3-5)


Zouraraki Maria, Kvarts Thomas, Østerø Rogvi, Page Trevor, Hjerrild Jespern, Vilhelmsen Morten Ahrenkiel Tomer

pdf   Hornsea projects 1 and 2 - Design and Optimisation of the Cables for the World Largest Offshore Wind Farms (2019-A2-6)

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