2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1987-B1 - DC Cables


pdf  The measurement of internal fields in insulators for high voltage cables - Possibilities opened by the pressure wave propagation method

ALQUIE C., LEWINER J.  -  ESPCI Paris, France


pdf  Comparative study of the behaviour of two polyethylene types under DC voltage, by the pressure wave method

CHAPEAU F.,DlTCHI T., ALQUIE C., LEWINER J.  -  ESPCI Laboratoire d'Electricité Générale Paris, France

PERRET J., DALLE Bernard  -  EDF-DER/ERMEL Clamart, France


pdf  About a method to measure space charge density inside PE

TOUREILLE Alain  -  USTL Laboratoire d'Electricité, MontpeIlier, France.


pdf  Influence of conduction on the breakdown mechanism of polyethylene under hydrostatic pressure

HOANG-THE-GIAM, BUI AI, ANTONIU A.  -  Université Paul Sabatier LGET, Toulouse, France

GUERIN P.  -  LCIE Fontenay aux Roses, France

PERRET J.  -  EDF-DER/ERMEL Clamart, France

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