2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-A1 - HV and EHV cable systems


pdf  Worldwide experiences and challenges with EHV XLPE cable projects 330 kV to 500 kV

WEINLEIN Andreas, PETERS Ulrich, LAAGE Uwe, MEMMER Horst  -  Südkabel GmbH Mannheim, Baden Württemberg, Germany


pdf  The network connection of Niehl 3 CCPP - The first 380 kV long-distance cable project in Germany since the Bewag projects in 2000

SCHELL Fabian  -  FICHTNER Stuttgart, Germany

UHLENKÜKEN Heinz  -  Rheinische Netzgesellschaft Cologne, Germany


pdf  138 kV cable system qualification to IEC 60840-2011 / ICEA S-108-720-2012 / AEIC CS-9-06 / IEEE 48-2009 / IEEE 404-2012

GANATRA Ravi  -  CME Wire and Cable Suwanee, USA

PERKEL Josh  -  NEETRAC Atlanta, Georgia, USA

UZELAC Milan  -  G & W Electric Chicago, USA

ZAMUDIO José  -  Viakable Monterrey, Mexico


pdf  Qualification of a 150 kV transition joint for connecting external gas pressure three-core cable with extruded single core cables

VAN DOELAND Wouter  -  Energy Solutions Delft, The Netherlands

VAN ROSSUM Jos, BARTHOLOMEUS Robert, OLTMANS Maurice, GEENE Henk, BODEGA Riccardo  -  Prysmian Netherlands B.V. Delft, The Netherlands

ROSS Rob, MOUSAVI GARGARI Shirma  -  TenneT Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  PQ test and first 230 kV cable system project in Mexico

MAXIMO Juan, SALDIVAR Candelario  -  Viakable Operaciones San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico


pdf  Cable installation in mountainous areas, example of a successful installation and service

BOSSE Anika, BÜSCHER Astrid, EWERT Walter  -  nkt cables Cologne, Germany

LACKNER Johannes, BRANDSTÖTTER Erich  -  VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH Vienna, Austria

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