2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-A3 - HV operating conditions


pdf  Indirect pipe water cooling study for a 220 kV underground XLPE cable system in New Zealand

JOYCE Richard  -  Transpower New Zealand Limited Wellington, New Zealand

LLOYD Simon, WILLIAMS Alan  -  Cable Consulting International Sevenoaks, Kent, UK


pdf  Cable replacement in a generation plant

JORAND Patrick, MOUSSET Fabrice, MAUGAIN Yves  -  EDF CIST Saint-Denis, France

OUENZAR Mehdi, GUYOT HervĂ©  -  SPAC Clichy, France


pdf  Degradation mechanism of SCOF cable due to cable core movement

MATSUYA Yuji, KAYA Takeshi, SOGA Manabu  -  The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Osaka, Japan

TSUTSUMI Takahiko, OKAMOTO Gaku  -  J-Power Systems Corporation Osaka, Japan

ITABASHI Hideyuki, MITSUYAMA Yasuichi  -  VISCAS Corporation Tokyo, Japan


pdf  Performance evaluation of integrity monitoring based on optical fibre distributed temperature and distributed acoustic sensing

CONWAY Chris  -  Bandweaver Richmond, UK

MONDANOS Michael  -  Silixa Ltd. Elstree, UK


pdf  Operating records and recent technology of DTS system and dynamic rating system (DRS)

WATANABE Tsunefumi  -  J-Power systems Corporation Osaka, Japan


pdf  Application of knowledge engineering approach to mitigate the infant mortality risk of HV cable system in Mea Thailand

RAJAKROM Asawin  -  Metropolitan Electricity Authority Bangkok, Thailand

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