2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-B5 - Submarine cables - General


pdf  Analysis of electric field distribution in XLPE insulation of DC submarine cable

FAN Yadong, WANG Jianguo, HONG Zejun, ZHOU Mi, CAI Li, LI Xianqiang  -  Wuhan University Wuhan, China


pdf  Development of submarine MV-AC power cable with aluminum conductor

MUELLER-SCHUETZE Sven, OTTERSBERG Heiner, SUHR Carsten, KRUSCHE Ingo  -  Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH / General Cable Nordenham, Lower Saxony, Germany

ISUS FEU Daniel  -  General Cable Manlleu, Barcelona, Spain


pdf  Impact of HVDC cable configuration on compass deviation

MEIJER Sander, DE GRAAF Roald  -  DNV GL Arnhem, The Netherlands

HEMPHILL Stephen, MCGUCKIN Mick  -  Mutual Energy Belfast, Ireland


pdf  Thermal rating method of j tubes using finite element analysis techniques

CHIPPENDALE Richard, CANGY Priank, PILGRIM James A.  -  University of Southampton Southampton, UK


pdf  Degradation rates in high voltage subsea cables with polymeric water barrier designs

ANDERSEN VE Torbjørn, HVIDSTEN Sverre, HØLTO Jorunn  -  SINTEF Energy Research Trondheim, Norway

FURUHEIM Knut-Magne, HEDSTRÖM Hanna  -  Nexans Norway AS Halden, Norway


pdf  EPR insulated cables for modern offshore systems

COLLA Luigi, ZACCONE Ernesto  -  Prysmian Power Link Srl Milan, Italy

REIG Aida  -  Prysmian Powerlink Drammen, Norway

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