2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-C10 - Industrial and special cables


pdf  Development of an alternative solution to mica tape for fire resistant cables

WALD Detlef  -  Eifelkabel Villmergen, Switzerland

ORTON Harry  -  Orton Consulting Engineers International North Vancouver, Canada

DI Jimmy  -  Volsun Electronics Suzhou, China


pdf  Cables for oil, gas and petrochemical industry

THOMBRE Arun, MOURAD Bahaa  -  DUCAB Dubai, United Arab Emirates


pdf  Acceptance criteria in nuclear power plant cable qualification

PLA?EK Vít, KÁBRT Jan, HNÁT Vladimír, ŽÁK Pavel  -  UJV Rez, a. s. Hlavní 130, Rez, 250 68 Husinec, Czech Republic


pdf  Electrical performance improvement of cross-linked polyethylene cables using inorganic filler

ASAAD Jeanette  -  Polymers and Pigments Dept., National Research Center Cairo, Egypt

MOSTAFA Mahmoud  -  Electrical Power and Machines Eng. Dept., Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt

ESSAWI Sherif  -  Electrical Power Dept., Petrojet Cairo, Egypt

SAAD Loai  -  Electrical Power and Machines Eng. Dept., Aswan University Aswan, Egypt


pdf  Determination of fire behavior of polymer cable materials and mathematical modeling of highly-filled halogen-free compound burning

SHUVALOV Mikhail, KAMENSKIY Mikhail, KRYUCHKOV Aleksandr, STEPANOVA Tatiana, FRIK Andrey, SAVIN Dmitry  -  VNIIKP Moscow, Russia

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