2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-D6 - Specific testing trends


pdf  Experiences of combined HV & EHV qualifications to IEC, AEIC and challenges IEEE 48 & 404

RILEY Caryn, PERKEL Josh, HILL Ray, HAMPTON Nigel  -  NEETRAC Atlanta, Georgia, USA


pdf  How to perform a pre-qualification test - interpretation of the standard

PULTRUM Edwin, SLOOT Wouter, EILANDER Cor, BAAS Alphons, BIN Gu  -  KEMA Laboratories Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  Effectiveness of tests after installation on power cable systems

VAN DER WIELEN Peter, VAN MAANEN Bernd, STEENNIS Fred  -  DNV GL Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  Final countdown for CPR cable classification - View from a notified body

CORNELISSEN Christian  -  VDE Testing and Certification Institute Offenbach, Germany


pdf  Testing submarine cables for combined axial compression and bending loads

TYRBERG Andreas, ERIKSSON Erik  -  ABB AB, High Voltage Cables Karlskrona, Sweden

GRØNSUND Jørgen, KLÆBO Frank  -  MARINTEK, Department of Structural Engineering Trondheim, Norway


pdf  Weibull analysis as a tool to describe DC breakdown performance and distribution in polyethylene for HVDC at laboratory scale

CHARRIER Dimitri, GUFFOND Raphael, MAZEL Christelle, MERLE Daphne, ALLAIS Arnaud  -  Nexans Research Center Lyon, France

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