2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-F9-1 - LV, MV, HV, EHV and future cables


pdf  Cables with smooth welded aluminum sheath

JEOUNG Bumyong, KIM Jinwoo, MUN Byeongcheol, KIM Daeyoen, KIM Youngjun, LEE Kyongtae, KIM Jungsik  -  ILJIN Electric Hwasung-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Republic of Korea


pdf  Expanding the performance potential of the universal cable system by the use of DOW endurance ™ HFDC-4202 EC water tree retardant crosslinked polyethylene insulation

BRIGANDI Paul  -  Dow Electrical & Telecommunications USA Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA

ANDERSSON Christian, BRINGSELL Håkan  -  nkt Cables AB Falun, Sweden

CREE Stephen  -  Dow Electrical & Telecommunications Europe Horgen, Zurich, Switzerland


pdf  Effect of the fault impedance on the performance of directional over current relays in medium voltage power cables- a case study

AMIN Ahmed  -  Dar Engineering Cairo, Egypt


pdf  Investigation of temperature dependence of DC diagnostic tests on LV PVC insulated cables

TAMUS Zoltán Ádám, CSÁNYI Gergely Márk, TOMON Gergely  -  Budapest University of Technology and Economics Budapest, Hungary


pdf  The completion of 275 kV Suruga-Higashishimizu line

OGAWA Tomoya  -  Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc Nagoya, Japan


pdf  Effect of water filled voids on the thermo-electrical behaviour of XLPE insulated cables using FEA method

MECHERI Yacine, BOUAZABIA Slimane, BOUHADDICHE Rafik  -  Université des Sciences et de la Technologie USTHB Bab-Ezzouar, Algiers, Algeria


pdf  Hybrid energy transfer lines with liquid hydrogen and superconducting cable - prototypes of future high power lines

VYSOTSKY Vitaly, FETISOV Sergey  -  Russian Scientific R&D Cable Institute Moscow, Russia


pdf  Syntactic foam as an alternative electrical insulation material for superconducting cable systems

WINKEL Daniel, PUFFER Ralf, SCHNETTLER Armin  -  RWTH Aachen University Aachen, Germany

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