2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-F9-2 - Cables and accessories design-Modelling


pdf  Electric field distribution in polyethylene insulation used in the electric cables affected by water trees in the presence of space charges

MEZIANI Madjid, ABDELOUAHAB Mekhaldi, TEGUAR Madjid  -  Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger, Laboratoire de Recherche en Electrotechnique El-Harrach, Alger, Algeria

MECHERI Yacine  -  Université des Sciences et de la Technologie (USTHB), Laboratoire des Systèmes Electriques et Industriels (LSEI) Alger, Algeria


pdf  Transient analysis of 3-core SL-type submarine cables with jacket around each core

ANDERS George  -  Lodz University of Technology Lodz, Poland

GEORGALLIS George  -  Hellenic Cables Athens, Greece


pdf  Cable joint to FFLP cable for provisional repair with quick installation

ALMEIDA Geraldo  -  Techsys Cables Santo André - SP, Brazil

VASCONCELLOS Gil  -  Matrixenergia São Paulo - SP, Brazil

TALHOFER Fellipe  -  LIGHT SA Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


pdf  Design and analysis of high current heat cycles test set for underground cable

PHAYOMHOM Att  -  Metropolitan Electricity Authority Bangkok, Thailand


pdf  Replacement of porcelain bushings with polymeric bushings in HV underground XLPE cable termination box

KIM Jae-seung, ROH Tae-hyueng, KIM Dong Hyu, KIM Jin, KIM Youn Chan  -  KEPCO Seoul, Republic of Korea


pdf  Computationally light two-zone moisture migration modelling for underground cables - critical temperature vs. Critical heat flux

MILLAR Robert John, DEGEFA Merkebu, LEHTONEN Matti  -  Aalto University Espoo, Finland


pdf  A novel lumped l-C ladder method for computing switching overvoltages in EHV long shunt-compensated cables

BENATO Roberto, DAMBONE SESSA Sebastian  -  University of Padova-Department of Industrial Engineering Padova, Italy

PIETRIBIASI Davide  -  Prysmian Power Link Milan, Italy


pdf  Development of a 500 kV PPLP MI cable system for HVDC applications

JUNG Eui-hwan, KIM Sung-yun, CHAE Byung-ha, YOON Hyun-sung, KANG Chae-hong, LEE Su-kil, JEON Seung-ik  -  LS Cable & System Gu-mi, Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea

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