2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-E7-2 - HV and EHV Cable Systems and Design

pdf  Silicone technology for reliable performance of joints and terminations for high voltage polymer power cables

Hans-Jörg WINTER, Martin GRUNWALD  -  Wacker Chemie AG

Ruben VOGELSANG, Hansjörg GRAMESPACHER  -  Brugg Cables

pdf  Improving surface smoothness of semi conductive shields by blending ethylene copolymers 



pdf  Influence of voids within electric fields in HVDC cables

Sebastián GUTIERREZ, Sancho IŃAKI, Luis FONTAN, Jose MALUMBRES  -  CEIT and Tecnun (University of Navarra)

pdf  Investigation of the life curve for high voltage cable insulation

Mikhail Y. SHUVALOV, Vladimir L. OVSIENKO  -  Russian Cable Scientific Research and Development Institute (VNIIKP)

pdf  Selection research of protection earthing set-up of HV cable

ZHOU Li, ZHOU Zhicheng  -  Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute Corporation LTD

JI Wenlu  -  Nanjing Power Supply Company

pdf  The investigation and application of multi-state monitoring system to high voltage cables and tunnels

ZHOU Zuochun, ZHANG Yanyan  -  Beijing Electric Test and Research Institute

ZHANG Wenxin  -  Beijing Power Engineering Company

CONG Guang  -  BeiJing Electric Power Cable Company

WANG Li, XUE Qiang, LI Huachun  -  Power Cable Company of Beijing Electric Power Corporation

pdf  AC withstand voltage test of 345 kV cable system

Jae-seung KIM, Byeong-wook MIN, Tai-young KIM  -  KEPCO

pdf  Voltage stabilizers for XLPE cable insulation

Thomas HJERTBERG, Villgot ENGLUND  -  Borealis AB

pdf  Development and construction of 345 kV Power-Optical Fiber Composite XLPE 2500 mm2 with prefabricated joints

Hyung-hee YOON, Nam-yeol PAIK, Koan-seong LEE, Soo-hwan KIM, Jong-ok OH, Seung-hyun LEE  -  Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

pdf  Study and application of cable network operation monitoring system in Beijing

WANG Li, LI Huachun, XUE Qiang  -  Power Cable Company of Beijing Electric Power Corporation

ZHOU Zuochun, CONG Guang  -  BeiJing Electric Power Company

pdf  High temperature silicone elastomers for rolling stock cables

Bernard DALBE  -  Nexans Research Center

pdf  Electrical, thermal and thermo-mechanical design of MV XLPE cables

Rohini BHATTACHARYYA  -  Dubai Cable Company Pvt. Ltd. (Ducab)

pdf  Study of 500 kV cable terminal insulation structure

WANG Xixing  -  WHVRI Power Electric Science and Technology Stock

WANG Wei, ZHAO Sen, LI Zhongqun  -  State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

pdf  Multiconductor cell analysis of shunt compensated cable lines

Roberto BENATO  -  University of Padova

pdf  Optimal design for power cable metal sheath voltage compensation device

WANG Guangming, ZHANG Xing, WANF Donghai, WANG Chunning  -  Nanjing Power Supply Company

MA Hongzhong  -  HoHai University

pdf  Sequence impedance computation by means of multiconductor method

Roberto BENATO, Leandro CACIOLLI, Ernesto ZACCONE  -  University of Padova

pdf  Implementation of cable models for studies of compatibility of electric components in wind farms

Andrzej HOLDYK, Joachim HOLBOELL  -  Technical University of Denmark, Department of Electrical Engineering

pdf  Performance tests on large conductors connectors

Pascal STREIT  -  Nexans Suisse SA

François GAHUNGU, Pierre MIREBEAU  -  Nexans France

pdf  Performance analysis of optical fiber composite low-voltage cable

ZHANG Ye, CHEN xi, ZHAO Daping, QI Liyan, HOU Jiyong, LIU Hao, WANG Peng, AN Huirong, WANG Shuling, JIA Meijian, XU Gaoxiong, FENG Xuebin  -  China Electric Power Research Institute

pdf  EMF mitigation using steel pipes : Effect on cable thermal rating


pdf  P-Laser: 10.000 km of installed cables based on a worldwide new technology

Sergio BELLI, Gabriele PEREGO, Luigi CAIMI, Alberto BAREGGI, Vincenzo CRISCI, Giovanni POZZATI, Stefano FRANCHI, Marco ALBERTINI, Fabrizio DONAZZI, Ernesto ZACCONE, Agusti VALLS  -  Prysmian S.p.A.

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