2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2015-E5 - Cable and accessories - Design, applications


pdf  Influence of heat-shrink joints and terminations on tan delta values of a medium voltage cable installation at very low frequency

JOUBERT Theresa  -  Vaal University of Technology Vanderbiljpark, South Africa

WALKER Jerry  -  Walmet Technologies Vereeniging, South Africa


pdf  AC resistance of submarine cables

MAIOLI Paolo, BECHIS Massimo  -  Prysmian SpA Milan, Italy

DELL'ANNA Gaia  -  Prysmian Power Link Srl Milan, Italy


pdf  Study of the behaviour of a n-metal cable screen subject to an adiabatic short-circuit

DOMINGO CAPELLA José María  -  Grupo General Cable Sistemas SL Barcelona, Spain


pdf  XLPE cables with aluminium laminated sheath

ROENNINGEN Terje, SIVERTSVOLL Børre Johansen  -  Siemens AS Trondheim, Norway

FAREMO Hallvard, BRUASET Are, PEDERSEN Atle, LERVIK Jens Kristian  -  SINTEF Energy Research Trondheim, Norway


pdf  Frequency dependency of single-core cable parameters

BREMNES Jarle J.  -  Unitech Power Systems AS Oslo, Norway

EVENSET Gunnar  -  Power Cable Consulting AS Halden, Norway

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